Reviews (Kids)

Bonnie Phipps is a classy clown whose stories and songs never condescend to her audience . . . her face is so expressive that she could melt ice off a cynic’s soul.”

Rocky Mountain News

When it comes to performing for kids, sometimes it takes one to know one. Bonnie is definitely a kid at heart. Her childlike spirit is a pure delight. Bonnie’s singing, storytelling, sense of humor, and musicianship keeps kids engaged and entertained.”

Keri Aiken, Children’s librarian, Estes Park (Colorado) Library

Bonnie’s passion for children and music is apparent as soon as she takes the stage. She immediately wins the approval of the audience with her high energy and great sense of humor.”

Kathy Klatt, Program Coordinator, Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, Broomfield, Colorado

Phipps and her band give ‘family entertainment’ a good name. It’s fun that doesn’t make everyone but the kids cringe.”

John Lehndorff, Boulder Daily Camera

Our staff was awed at the way Bonnie handles students, the variety of her material and the obvious mastery she has of the autoharp. Teachers told me how their students returned to their classroom, singing.”

Marymae Seaman, Music Teacher, Jefferson County (Colorado)

When you’re 4 years old, you don’t have much in the way of experience. But Bonnie Phipps & the Elastic Band, performing before about 1,000 tots and parents yesterday at Innsbrook, drew upon those limited experiences to create a show that even the youngest of children could relate to. Parents weren’t neglected, either. ‘Don't be a nerd, pass me the bird,’ probably escaped the little ones during a swing tune on fried chicken, as did a subtle mention of Perrier when they were asked to empty their imaginary picnic baskets. Parents also couldn’t help but smile upon recognition of updated versions of songs they hadn’t heard since their own childhood. And in this age of heavy metal, they had to appreciate the refreshing whimsy of the big kids on stage.”

Ester Benenson, Richmond (Virginia) Times

Tift County children are in love with Bonnie Phipps! Her teaching background comes through as she has the entire audience in complete control for 45 minutes. Children respond to the performance with such pleasure, enthusiasm, and understanding, it mystifies their classroom teachers.”

Jerry Walker, Education Coordinator, Arts Experiment Station, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, Georgia

This talented young woman presents an inspiring program which is of great educational value as well as highly entertaining. Hers is one of the best programs we have scheduled in several years, and our students, teachers, parents, and I recommend her to other schools with great enthusiasm.”

Drusilla Leon, Principal, Bushnell Way Elementary, Los Angeles

[Bonnie’s] rapport with the audience, both children and adults was delightful and evidenced by their enthusiastic response. It is obvious that she really cares about her young audience and has spent time developing material that is educational, entertaining, and appropriate for their interests, understanding, and attention spans. Your and your band’s musical talent is a joy to watch and listen to and our audience was enthralled throughout the performance. Thanks for providing one of the highlights of our children’s series.”

David T. Siever, Director, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado