Colorado Folk Emsemble

The combination of autoharp, cello, guitar, violin, and vocals, creates an exciting sound which has been coined by Pete Wernick of Hot Rize as “old time new age chamber music” — a blend of traditional, classical and jazz elements.


  1. Merrily Kissed the Quaker (Denny Delany)
  2. Banks of the Ohio
  3. Jaws (Steve Stajich)
  4. Horse Thief/Kid on the Mountain
  5. The Butterfly (Tommy Potts)
  6. Gone Gonna Rise Again (Si Kahn)
  7. Old Joe Clark/Yearling in the Canebreak
  8. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky)
  9. Sweet Wyoming Home (Bill Staines)
  10. Kari (Earl Klugh)