Dinosaur Choir

This recording has all the necessary ingredients for kid appeal. It received both the Parents’ Choice Award and the National Parenting Publications Award. It also made Child magazine’s 10 best picks for 1993. It is a funny intelligent recording which presents 15 playful songs about dinosaurs, magic popcorn, doorknobs, roller skating dogs, warm fuzzies, a TV talk show and much more! It is an extremely polished, well rounded recording that provides a diverse range of musical styles. The wide assortment of 19 musical instruments recorded “live” includes hammered dulcimer, steel drums, dobro, fiddle, drums, piano, tenor banjo, acappella vocals, harmonica, autoharp, peddle steel, and a variety of horns, percussion and other instruments. The result is a musical family extravagenza that parents won’t mind hearing over and over again.


Phipps recording, Dinosaur Choir, gives growing dinosaurs (3 & up) a taste of blues, rap, rock and more. The 15 dino-mite tunes draw on local talents from the Queen City Jazz Band, the Colorado Children’s Chorale, the 17th Avenue All-Stars a-cappella group, Monkey Siren (African music), and Phipps own Elastic Band. Popcorn, pets, movies, and meatballs will never be the same!”

Boulder Daily Camera

You can’t go wrong with a variety of clever songs about dinosaurs, but that is just the tip of the iceberg with Bonnie Phipps’ Dinosaur Choir. Multiethnic musical riffs, classic 50s tunes, a 40s radio broadcast, great sounding organic instrumentation, children’s choruses: Mix it all together and you may get ‘Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder,’ just one of the many up-tempo tunes that will tickle your hearing buds.”

L.A. Parent magazine, January 1994

Bonnie Phipps has recorded a very enjoyable collection of songs with an amazing breadth of style and instrumentation. With a musical sophistications suitable for today’s children, the songs deal with subjects appropriate for elementary-age children — dinosaurs, wanting a pet, asking questions and going to the movies. Many of the songs are based on rock ’n’ roll, making them fun to sing and dance to. "Lollipop" is based on the 50s tune, ‘Dinosaur Bones’; ‘Bop Shu-Wop’ and ‘Warm Fuzzies’ all have that 50s sound. But the music doesn’t stop there. Spanish and Latin sounds are presented with guitars, castanets and steel drums in ‘Don Gato,’ ‘Popcorn,’ and ‘I don’t know.’ The saxophone jazzes up ‘I Went to the Movies Tomorrow,’ and the three-toed triple-eyed double-jointed dinosaur would surely do-si-do to the fiddling in its song. This richly produced and entertaining recording could be used in music education, dinosaur units, or other language arts studies. All the vocals are clear and easy to understand.”

School Library Journal, November 1992

This sunny unpretentious album smiles from beginning to end with comic songs about a popcorn explosion, meatballs and spaghetti, and dental hygiene — dinosaur style. Along with the reptilian theme reflected in such whimsical and lightly educational tunes as ‘I’m a Three-Toed Triple-Eyed Double Jointed Dinosaur,’ Phipps puts an original spin on such oldies as ‘Diddy Wha Diddy’ and one really oldie, ‘Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder.’ She varies her style with the reggae-flavored ‘I Don’t Know,’ and the traditional ‘Don Gato.’ An appealing child chorus adds to the good natured fun.”

Parents’ Choice Awards Issue, 1992


  1. Dinosaur Choir
  2. Meatballs and Spaghetti/Bekind to Your Doorknob/Eat Food
  3. Lollipop
  4. Don Gato
  5. I Went to the Movies Tomorrow
  6. Eddie Coochie
  7. Dinosaur Tooth Care
  8. Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder
  9. Dinosaur Bones
  10. Bop Shu-Wop
  11. Warm Fuzzies
  12. Diddy Wah Diddy
  13. Popcorn
  14. I'm a Three-Toed Triple-Eyed Double Jointed Dinosaur
  15. I Don’t Know