Monsters’ Holiday

In this recording, which won both the Parents’ Choice Award and the National Parenting Publication Award, Bonnie sings about friendly monsters and other subjects of universal appeal to kids. Rollicking, upbeat arrangements feature a wide assortment of instruments anddiverse musical styles. Whether she’s singing about a monster who is afraid there may be children under his bed, a three-foot-tall sandwich, a visit to the farm or the antics of Lucy Lum, Phipps’s music always communicates with style, wit, and respect for her audience. It’s intelligent, clever music for kids and parents.


High energy singer Phipps does the monster bit justice with silly, snappy spoofs like ‘Monster's On Vacation’ (‘It’s hard to get a tan when you're furry and green’). On this, her third album, she also serves up an enjoyably eccentric mish mash of songs about odd caracters in a variety of styles.”

Entertainment Weekly, August 1994

Sometimes the surest way to calm children’s fears of monsters is not to deny that the beasties exist but to convince kids that they are not all that different from the monsters themselves. This is Bonnie Phipps’s approach, exemplified charmingly on her upbeat, sunshiny new release. In ‘Monsters on Vacation,’ the monsters ‘spent a week in Rome eatin’ meatballs and spaghetti/Then they flew to Tibet to ski with a yeti,’ among other adventures. In ‘Children Under the Bed’ (written by superb kids’ artist Dave Kinnoin), the customary tables are turned when the reluctant sleeper is a timid little monster, terrified by the kids who might ‘eat young monsters in the middle of the night.’ There also is a delightful gross-out tune called ‘The Three Foot Sandwich’ and ‘The Ballad of Lucy Lum,’ about a prodigious bubble-gum chewer.”

Moira McCormick, Family Fun magazine

By turns deft and daft, Bonnie Phipps sings about the important things in life: dogs, aardvarks, chickens, swimming, bubble gum and a sandwich that’s three feet long. She’s comfortable doing Beach Boys-style rock, old-fashioned swing, and the straight-ahead country of Buck Owens (who wrote the title song). In addition, Phipps is one fine Autoharp player, and she knows what little monsters worry about: ‘Children Under the Bed.’”

Parents’ magazine


  1. Monsters On Vacation
  2. Let’s Go Swimmin’
  3. Children Under the Bed
  4. Madalina Catalina
  5. Welcome to My Farm
  6. The Ballad of Lucy lum
  7. I’m a Little Cookie
  8. Iko Iko
  9. The Three Foot Sandwich
  10. A Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird
  11. Best Friends
  12. Aardvark
  13. The Halloween Song
  14. La Cucaracha
  15. Dogs
  16. Monsters’ Holiday