Bonnie Phipps musician and storyteller, is an undeniable hit with children! She uses her colorful autoharps to accompany her songs and to heighten the action in her tales. Bonnie plays the autoharp in a totally different way, presenting a whole new concept of the autoharp as a solo instrument. She also plays the spoons and jaw harp. Bonnie uses storytelling to set the scene for songs about dinosaurs, girls with ten foot long names, the antics of Lucy Lum, Don Gato the cat, or a monster who is afraid of children. Bonnie’s gift for audience participation works a magic on kids that keeps them hanging on every word. Her young audiences listen with pleasure and understanding. Even the most reserved children join in with enthusiasm! Phipps’ convinces you immediately that the funnest things in the world are clapping, meowing, blowing kisses, shaking pom-poms, or singing along. She is fun, funny, and fabulous!

Bonnie performs solo, as a duo, or with a three-piece band.