The music and the way you played it was simply outstanding — innovative, musical, flawlessly executed, and passionately expressed. I felt privileged just to be in the same room with such virtuosity.”

Karla Armstrong, Autoharp Champion

Bonnie Phipps brings her virtuosity to craft intricate instrumentals and musical stories that are both fresh and timeless. She is a self-taught Autoharp player, whose innovations on the instrument have gained her national recognition, including three National Autoharp Championships. Her choice of repertoire includes jazz, ragtime, classical and other musical genras that are not often heard on Autoharp. Her talents as a musician, arranger, performer and recording artist have delighted audiences from coast to coast. Bonnie has performed solo and with groups at concert halls, festivals, clubs, museums, Chautauqua tents and on radio and TV. She truly is in a class of her own.