Workshops for the Autoharp

Take Off Your Training Wheels: Beginning Autoharp Accompaniment – Level 2

Skill level: Beginner, Keys G & D

In this workshop your left hand will learn how to work the chord bars in a way that you won’t have to look, and your right hand will develop coordination by internalizing a variety of rhythm patterns. We will use these patterns to accompany a few songs, learn to use the different areas of the strings effectively and, if there’s time, touch on melody playing. And that is only the beginning!

Play Clean and Clear Melodies

Skill level: Beginner & Intermediate

Simple instrumentals played clean and clear. Learn some techniques to pull those beautiful melodies out of your autoharp! Play your tunes so that everybody can tell what they are.

Enhancing Your Accompaniments – Part 1

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Learn to use a variety of techniques to produce melodic accompaniment patterns and interesting rhythms.

Enhancing Your Accompaniments – Part 2

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

This is a continuation of Part 1 with more techniques and a focus on creating dynamics and effectively using the autoharp’s range of strings.

Making Discoveries on the Autoharp Through Noodling

Skill level: Intermediate, Keys C, G & D

Learn how to create dynamics, express emotion, and make innovative discoveries on the autoharp through noodling.

Advanced Melody Techniques

Skill level: Advanced

In this workshop we will try a variety of techniques to play melody including using your thumb independently from a melody line played by your fingers.

Arranging a Showcase Piece for the Autoharp

Skill level: Advanced, but all are welcome to come, Keys G & D

“Showcase” pieces can take a lot of time to put together. Bonnie will discuss and demonstrate how she puts a tune together to become a showcase piece for concerts and contests. Various arrangement ideas and techniques will be covered.

Kidstock: A Festival of Songs To Sing with Children

All skill levels, Keys C, G & D

If you like to sing with kids, or you are a kid, or you act like a kid, this workshop is for you! Not only will you learn some fun children“s songs, but you will also learn some strumming techniques to go along with them. (Bring your recording device.)

Miscellaneous Workshops

Make Your Spoons Sing for Their Supper

All skill levels

In this fun-filled workshop, Bonnie will show you how to hold the spoons and guide you through a variety of techniques and rhythm exercises so you can provide rhythm for other instruments.

To Make It Your Own: Storytelling Workshop

All ages

Students will learn techniques of bringing stories to life through discussion, examples, and participation in short, hands-on storytelling exercises.

World Music on the Jaw Harp – Mini-Workshop

All ages

There are many different ways to create sounds and rhythms on this amazing instrument. Please bring your jaw harp.